'Bargain' Brett Anderson

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'Bargain' Brett Anderson
After doing a lot of research on Brett Anderson, I have come to the conclusion that he is a middle round pick that is going to pay off. He's too young to be a top pick (22). His numbers are not good enough to be a top pick (11-11, 4.06 ERA, 150 Ks in 175 innings). His flashes of dominance show that he could perform as a top pick.
His 'stuff' has impressed a lot of people. Not only is it good, it is accurate. It's one thing to throw a slider, quite another to throw a slider that catches the black. Anderson has shown he can do this. He has the ability to strike out a batter an inning, and has the ability to minimizes any damage by getting a lot of ground balls. Nice combo.
So what is the bad news (there is always bad news)? 1) Brett Anderson is only 22 years old and young pitchers can struggle. 2) His team is not great. I think he will pitch well enough to win plenty of games, but his team may not give him run support. 3) He threw 175 innings last year - that is a solid work load for a 21 year old rookie. I haven't seen any talk of a pitch count, so he may get worn down this year. However, at 6'4" and 235 pounds, he may have a frame that can handle it - we'll see, but it's worth mentioning.
Anderson should be picked up in most all formats. He will not be there too late, but if you can grab him after the middle round, he could really give your team a nice boost. Keep in mind, some think he can be an elite pitcher THIS year! I love potential, but I'm not riding that band-wagon yet. However, he should easily perform above (perhaps way above) his draft position making him a great 'Bargain'.
-Scout Monkey

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