Knock the Mock

Christopher J. FarinoContributor IMarch 5, 2010
As the 2010 baseball season approaches, and just as important, your 2010 fantasy draft approaches, it is nice to get in some practice with mock drafts. However, there are some dangers that you must be aware of when you do your mock drafts. Mock drafting can be both good and bad. Read the below points to get some ideas of how to use mock drafts to your advantage.
Here's the skinny:
The Good:
  • Mock drafting gets you thinking in 'draft Mode'. 'Draft Mode' is the ability to make smart decisions according to your game plan in the allotted time. This is usually not done well on the first couple of drafts, but as you continue to mock draft, your game plan and approach gets stronger. This is a big plus.
  • Mock drafting gives you a feel for where players will go in the draft. After a few drafts, you should kinda know who's going in the top rounds and who will be around later. This is a good time to see who might be over and under rated.
  • Mock drafting is a good time to try out different strategies. Try different things and see how your team comes out in the end. May come across a new strategy!
  • Mock drafting is fun.
The Bad:
  • Being that the draft is not real, people may not take it too seriously. If they are not taking it too seriously, their picks may not reflect 'real' picks.
  • Just like you, others may be trying out different strategies. You could end up with a false sense of how the draft went due to someone trying something bizarre.
  • Take into account how many people are in the draft. Seems straight forward, but it's easy to overlook. If your real draft is 12 people but your mock drafts are 10 people, the results simply won't match up very well. It's not pointless, as you can still see who the popular picks are, but it can't be used as a guideline for what round a player will go in.
Keeping these points in mind should help you have effective and safe mock drafts. Have fun!