Pick One Any One Pau Gasol Or Bynum One Of Them Has to Be Traded.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2010

The Laker's lose again to another lowly team and the first of many problems that pop into my head just happens to be the inconsistent play from their bigs.

Though both culprits being Bynum and Gasol were decent tonight concerning rebounds combining for 23. They were horrible for the field with Gasol going 5-14 and Bynum going 3-9 a combined field goal average of 36%.

With the looks they get, that percentage just isn't going to cut it. Speaking of cut one these guys needs to get sent packing. Its hard to choose between the two, Gasol is easily the more talented player but he is definitely the softest.

While Bynum is no push over down low he lacks the skills Gasol has. If only the Lakers front office could of foretold the future they would of kept Pau Gasol's little Big Brother Marc.

With Marc they would of attained the promise of Pau's skill with Bynums toughness. Not to blame the loss totally on the bigs I noticed another problem. Turn Overs.

I think the NBA has figured out the Triangle Offense, I suggest the Lakers going to the high pick and roll with kobe and letting him create.

The entry passes into the paint are becoming predictable and when they aren't intercepted their ripped from the hands of Gasol and Bynum with a regularity that is starting to become depressing.

I thought I would never say this until the day of Kobe's retirement but the Lakers are far from the best team in the NBA.

With the Cavs supporting cast working overtime to make Lebron look the part of a MVP,The Lakers dull in their luminescent pressense. Hopefully they can pick it up come post season.