After 8 Years Playing For An Awesome Organization "Jake Delhomme Is Gone

Nikolai ClaryContributor IMarch 5, 2010

Jake Delhomme Came in the Panther's Franchise in 2003, While he was given the opportunity to play QB he Took it. Jake Was started off hot by leading their team to a Super Bowl vs New England, But sadly they lost, Carolina struggled and Succeeded in the future as their going to do in 2010. Jake had a terrible year last year throwing a career high 18 int's. Jake has proved himself as a "what's going on type of guy" . Well Jake is released form the Franchise and will be sadly missed, he is a Heroic, leader, great thrower, and a role model, so Jake will move on a decide to do what with his career ahead of time, GO Jake Delhomme1