Sean Morley And Traci Brooks Comment On Their Releases

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2010

Sean Morley posted the following message on his Facebook page today:

"Yes, folks, I am through with TNA as I want to wrestle in Mexico," he wrote. "I was going to perform in both TNA and CMLL, but now the switch to Mondays for TNA, and the fact that TNA had nothing solid yet, Mexico here I come."


Traci Brooks posted the following blog on her MySpace page regarding her release from TNA:

Just wanted to take this time to say yes i was released yesterday afternoon from TNA. There is nothing to report or any stories on why…simply they had nothing for me.

I loved my time at TNA and will look back at my seven years with them with great fondness. TNA is a family and unfortunately this is the nature of the beast with family members coming and going. I will still be wrestling and doing conventions just like i have been this whole time. Thank you to the ring crew, camera men, production, creative and of course the talent who i have shared so many good times with, my only sadness is not being able to say goodbye to these people in person.

I do have my ebay store (tracibrooksdirect2u) where you can find traci brooks merch. My myspace which is tnaknockouttracibrooks and my facebook which is traci brooks i do not or have not ever had a twitter account and those 2 sites are my only social network…so if anyone is following me on twitter sorry to say its not me, as well as facebook..there is imposter’s but traci brooks is my only facebook account..

thanks again to my fans for always supporting me and for all the great times i have had over the years. Looking forward to what life has in store for me..god bless..and please watch TNA monday nights as i will still be cheering on my family including my husband:)


As for Sean, while a lot of fans are going to be happy he is gone, it just goes to show you that the job Christopher Daniels did for Sean was a joke. A month after getting a one on one title match with AJ, he jobbed to Sean. Now where is Daniels? It would have been at least nice to see Sean get a push, thus, the win over Daniels wouldn't be so bad (ex. Anderson and Abyss), but the only other thing I remember of Sean is his little strip poker game with the Beautiful People. What did he do after the win? Have fun in Mexico, but don't drink the water.

Traci, well, I already commented on her release, bur hey, she is promoting her husband still. So who knows exactly what is going on there. She was one of the first Knockouts, but was hardly used and couldn't wrestle because of some disease. Still, with the Knockout Division at an all-time low, I don't know what is going on there.