The Lion's Free Agent Diary

John GustafsonContributor IMarch 5, 2010

by John Gustafson,

It’s my favorite time of the football offseason, free agency! I could give two you-know-whats about the scouting combine, because most of that is hype. But I digress, this offseason should be a crazy one so I wanted to started a diary of my thoughts on the free agency period and how it relates to fantasy football. Check back here throughout the next few weeks to get my take on what’s going on. I will try to update this a few times a week.

Friday, March 5th

Chester Taylor to the Bears, boo. Sorry for you Charger fans, he would have been a great pick up, but not all hope is lost. There are still some quality backs out there (Fred Jackson, Jerome Harrison, Thomas Jones, Pierre Thomas). The Bears also paid him $12.5 million which could have gone towards reuniting Marshall and Cutler. Big mistake if you let Marshall slip away Chicago.

Futhermore, Seattle is now interested in Marshall. Marshall will be a great pickup wherever he goes, but Seattle’s subpar QB situation has me wishing Marshall went somewhere with a good to great QB so Marshall can continue to put up beastly numbers. He’ll still get his, but with the likes of Seneca Wallace or the oft-injured Matt Hassleback throwing him the ball, he may be inconsistent, but then again it may be just what Matt the Hassle needs.

Before I get into my 49ers dream player, I want to get back to the Chargers. I like that they re-signed Darren Sproles. $7 million is too much to pay a 3rd down back but Sproles is also a great special teams player and hey it’s not my money so what do I care? The Chargers still need a 1st & 2nd down back to get 15-20 carries or so with Sproles getting 5-10 carries and 3rd down duties. However, what no one is talking about is the other Chargers RB, Mike Tolbert. Tolbert will be a 3rd year player out of Coastal Carolina. He flew under the radar last year, but managed to grab my attention around week 11. Should the Chargers not sign another back and promote Tolbert, Tolbert could become a household fantasy football name if he produces like he did this year in 2010. Tolbert quietly amassed 4 touchdowns, 17 catches, and averaged almost 6 yards a carry in very part time work. I’m not going to go out on a limb and call him the next big thing, but he’s definitely a guy I will have my eye on this offseason.

I have been keeping my fingers crossed that some Anquan Boldin to the 49ers talk will arise, but I doubt it will happen. I fell in love with Boldin because of his toughness. The dude broke his jaw on this hit (if I remember correctly) only to return weeks later. I can’t remember if his jaw was completely healed when he returned but I doubt it as broken jaws don’t heal overnight. It doesn’t really matter, the point is the guy is tough as nails and severly underrated. If he were the #1 on any other team, he’d probably get more credit, but playing alongside Larry Fitzgerald, it’s easy to see why he isn’t in the spotlight like he should. I think my pipedream of Boldin going to the Niners will soon deflate as ESPN’s Adam Schefter (who is the best in the business) is reporting that Baltimore and Kansas City are the leading candidates. As a fantasy footballer, I would love to see him go to either place. In Baltimore he would be the true #1 WR they have been needing. Current #1 Derrick Mason has been solid, but he’s more of a #2 WR playing a #1 by default. As far as KC, their O really turned it on the 2nd half of the year. Add Boldin to the mix with Bowe and Charles and they have themselves a nice little 3-headed monster.