RVD Vs Sting 3/8/10; Making The WWE Creative Team Facepalm Since 2010

JC AugustineCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2010

Okay so this isn't about RVD vs Sting though that would be a good match on March 8th. This about RVD and Sting coming to TNA. Hulk Hogan let it was known on a radio show that the TNA was rapping up negations RVD.  When asked about march 8th Hulk Hogan did the classic RVD thumbs in air thing. The TNA management immediately face palmed themselves, because Hogan spilled the beans that RVD was coming back. 

Actually this is a smart move that Hogan made. Letting the die hard fans know you have RVD is going to bring in a lot of ratings during March 8th. Lets face it, everyone wants to see RVD back on tv than they do McMahon vs Brett Hart.

Speaking of old broken down people, TNA President Dixie Carter let it known through twitter that Sting just finished negotiations for a new contract and that he can't wait to work with Hogan again. 

The more and more I look at it Hogan is actually doing a better job with TNA. No Sean Morley, no Nasty Boys last night, and he is bringing talented wrestlers while at the same time making new main eventers with The Pope D'angelo Dinero and Abyss. Now all  that's left for this gold mine of possibilities to work is to get Abyss new clothes and lose the indy stuff. Let Abyss become Chris Justice if you want him to become a new American Hero and not some cheesy monster. If Hulk Hogan keeps TNA going in this directions I and thousands of other wrestling fans will watch TNA instead of the bull$*** guest host that we have to endure every Monday. What do you think of TNA's new out look?