Texas A&M's Ray Turner For President... Really

Aubrey BloomCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2010

It started as a bit of mild (for the sake of conversation let's call it) humor. We've seen the "________ for President" signs at every sporting event since signs were invented, but rarely do the signs accomplish anything more than angering the fans sitting behind it.("Really dude? We're behind THAT guy?")

However, this is not the case at Texas A&M. Freshman basketball player Ray Turner won a plurality of votes for freshman class president in the student body elections this week. However, the student rules mandate a majority in order to claim the office so Turner will go into a run-off election early next week. With over 30% of the vote in the initial election compared to his opponents 18%, Turner is a strong favorite to win.

Turner has quickly become the most popular Aggie player among the student body due in large part to the issues he had to overcome to join the team. He wasn't even able to practice until early December due to clearinghouse issues with the NCAA. (for more on his incredible story, read this article from the San Antonio Express News.)

Turner has said that, if elected, he will accept the position.