NHL GMs—Media Sparring...Should We Really Care?

Shawn OwensAnalyst IJuly 7, 2008

As I read all the articles and hear all the radio clips of Kevin Lowe and Brian Burke's big feud in the media, I need to wonder why do we care?

Sure, we are all hockey fans and we love the sport and everything that goes along with it.  But are we really coming down to what two GMs are saying about how they run their business? 

This just in:  The people at McDonald's are really mad at how Burger King runs its business!

It's the NHL.  Nobody is getting hurt or dying.  So Brian Burke runs his business one way and Kevin Lowe runs his business another way.  What it does to the league as a whole is really the NHL's problem. 

If Kevin Lowe is running his business to the detriment of the NHL then I think Gary Bettman needs to step in and make sure his actions will not ruin the league.  Then again, if Gary Bettman thinks Brian Burke is ruining the NHL then he should speak to him as well.

So what kind of GMs are we talking about?  They are both in the media speaking ill will against each other.  I wonder what their bosses are thinking?  Shouldn't they be trying to figure out how to better their respective teams?  Maybe they should both stop making over priced bids for players who have yet to prove themselves.

Or maybe they are on to something.  Are they the first wave of the "New" NHL GM?  Is this what the NHL is coming to in way of contracts and how the teams will be moving forward in locking up the talent?  The new NHL is going to be pretty expensive.  Hopefully it will relay into good talent and a level of play we have never seen before.

The "New" NHL is only a few plus years old now, and we are starting to see the effects of how the game and business of hockey is evolving. 

Like it or not, it is the "New" NHL.