Oh No.. Not Another One Of Hogan's Boys!

stephen collinsContributor IMarch 5, 2010

                        Seems another Hogan buddy is on his way.. Shark boy will never get his push now that Rob Van Dam is gonna be in TNA on Monday night. Hogan has gone too far this time, first Mr. Anderson and now the whole f'n show! He brings Jeff Hardy in and he has legal trouble what is this madman thinking?     

                 Hogan is in a tag Match against Ric Flair on March 8th, now who would want to see two guys that all of us grew up watching go at it one more time? Hogan is so selfish he is practically crippled and he is putting his body on the line to give the fans a choice. Doesn't he know that Vince is #1?

                  Hulk Hogan is also going against AJ Styles..that's right AJ Styles, like Hogan has a chance. All these new fans that are gonna be seeing AJ styles because of Hogans fame and that's ridiculous... he wrestled better then anyone without all this attention, and noteriety!

                   Please Hogan... take Bischoff, Flair, Anderson, and RVD and go away. I and a few dozen people just like me would rather see Machismo, Shark boy , and have Jeff "I got Stroke" Jarrett act like he still runs this place. Why not go host American Idol I hear they could use a new Prick on that show!