EPL Drama Part 2: Rafa Benitez Does Not Stop

Aaron DunnCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

I'm enjoying checking headlines for Liverpool FC, since they are reported to be doing something every day.

So today: Peter Crouch is close to being transferred from Liverpool to Portsmouth. I myself am a big believer in this guy. He just didn't work out well during Rafa Benitez's tenure. I wish him all the best.

As of today, there have been no new developments with the ever dramatic Gareth Barry situation. Steven Gerrard wants him to come to Anfield, and Barry wants to come to Anfield. Rafa does too, but will he pay?

I still believe that Liverpool, with the addition of Barry and perhaps another speedy winger would make Liverpool a candidate to take some silverware this season.

For them to win the EPL, they need a faster start than last year. They also need to beat, not just draw, teams that are clearly less quality. The Reds can't expect to win when they play teams like Birmingham City to a draw twice in a season. I kid you not, they did it last season. I just looked it up.

Their first three games of the season will be crucial, and their fourth will be against Manchester United. There is still a possibility Ronaldo will not be playing, but if he does he may not be at one hundred percent.

Winning games one through four would be a great start and confidence builder. They need to get on top of the table in the first two months and stay there.