New York Mets: Finally Over the .500 Wall

Jose SantiagoContributor IJuly 7, 2008

Finally, after a long and dreadful wait, we broke over the .500 wall. It's been more than a month (June 5, to be exact) since the M last had a winning percentage greater than .500. The best part is that we did this against over rivals and division leaders for now—the Phillies.

It's good to see Manuel taking the rails of this once derailed team and putting them back on track. We were able to manufacture runs without lots of long balls, which is always a good sign. Every starting player, except Brian Schneider, had a hit. David Wright gave the Mets the strongest contribution with four RBI. Pedro Martinez had a quality performance, with only two earned runs and six K's over 5.1 innings.

Once again, the bullpen gave a shaky performance. The Mets 'pen allowed five runs and Wagner got himself in trouble in the bottom of the ninth, letting two men get on base with no outs. At least today, he got himself out of it.

Let's hope for a more consistent offense, starting pitchers, and an improved bullpen, because 2008 isn't lost yet.