"Basic Cable" Gets a Hue(g) Upgrade For 2010

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That's right Raider Nation, this year you will get to see players like Johnnie Lee Higgins(Remember him?) and Michael Bush on a full time basis! You might get to see some running plays (Where the QB turns around and hands it off to one of three gifted RBs)....... Preferably in a not so obviously running the damn ball type play. I mean like third and thirteen running the ball on your soft ass zone !*$^.


Let's get back to Man Ball. No, I mean literally Man Ball. I hate when coaches get all scripted and drop back into zones and let the other team ram it down their throats. All you kids clamoring for the "zone-D" and Quarter sized Qbs; Pipe down with that Espn Nonsense, alright? The Raiders have been running Man Defense, like men, longer than you been alive!


And that goes for Cable and that pansy ZBS, too. "Oh no, I can't block him, he's too big, I'll just dive at his knees." (I can see the D-end now, looking at Khalif Barnes like lunch)....You can too...Youtube the Jets game.


Cable can show his face at the combine all he wants, but Im sure he'll play no part in the Drafting process. They'd end up drafting Bruce Gradkowski's younger brother CJ who made it as a walk on at Toledo, and is 5 inches shorter than his brother with Twice the arm strength. 


The whole world knows the Raiders are going linemen anyway. I just hope that Al, Hue, Herrera make the right choice this time, they can't afford to miss on a linemen again like they did on Gallery, whom might be the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf.

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