Club Up: Is It Time To Think About Manny's Club Option Already?

Mike RCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

Cool- it's an interesting word. It can be used to describe Manny's composure in clutch playoff at-bats, sure. But it could also be used to describe Manny's bat over the last couple of weeks.

Since hitting that monumental 500th home run (which is kind of a crock because he's hit #500 long before this season, but postseason stats don't count), Manny has only gone yard six times.

Granted, he made another All-Star Game (which he will no doubt find some type of injury in order to sacrifice the highly-coveted All-Star game start), but a lot of Red Sox and Yankees did, it's part of being in a large market.

Given that last paragraph, I may come across as a Manny hater, but here's the thing: numbers don't lie, and I love Manny being Manny. A .300 average, 100+ RBIs, and 30+ HRs per season is great, anybody who acts tough and says he wouldn't be a welcome addition offensively to their team is loony.

That said, now is not the time to assess the validity of a 20 million dollar contract option and Theo (in his infinite wisdom) knows this. Manny turns it on and off like a light switch. And while this is looked down upon by many, I think it's pretty awesome when he takes pitchers deep in the bottom of the ninth in the ALDS, or ALCS, or World Series.

Say what you will about Manny being Manny, how ridiculously unkempt he is, his insistence on tardiness in March, and how many traveling secretaries he's thrown to the ground, but I know this: the regular season during a cool spell is not the time to assess Manny's future in Boston. Wait until October- the same message I'm delivering to the Rays bandwagon jumpers.