Beer & Horsemen a Better Pairing Than Flair & Styles: What TNA Should Have Done

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Beer & Horsemen a Better Pairing Than Flair & Styles: What TNA Should Have Done

According to Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles 'needed character,' and I don't disagree. I do however disagree with the choice to pair Styles with Ric Flair, rehashing the 'Nature Boy' gimmick and essentially passing the torch.

The program has been great so far, but I think someone else could have benefited from it more greatly than Styles, and Styles should have gone in a different direction.

Let's face it, Styles is rather bland as a babyface, and while he may be over with the IWC and the smarks at the Impact Zone, he never had a chance at becoming a household name without intervention.

Something just isn't right about Styles adopting the Ric Flair persona. For starters, he's married. Second, no one can pull off a 'Wooo' quite like Flair himself. Styles doesn't have the right type of charisma needed for that role, and the aftereffect is that it sometimes comes off as comedic, rather than the serious style that the Horsemen used to present.

Speaking of the Four Horsemen, there have been rumors of a new Four Horsemen group being formed. Again, with Styles involved, I can't see it working. The transition was just too big of a leap for AJ.

One TNA star that it would have worked a lot better with is Robert Roode. Roode has the 'it' factor and is a bona fide future main eventer. Perhaps this idea comes to mind due to the fact that Roode has made entrances dressed in robes that draw up memories of Ric Flair.

Perhaps it's his tough style that could stack him up against Arn Anderson. Perhaps it's his look, the look of a guy you really wouldn't want to mess with. The look of a Horseman.

There's no rule that says there has to be a 'Flair-type,' and an 'Arn-type' in the new Horsemen group. WWE's Evolution stable was a pretty darn good modern example of a Horsemen-style stable, but even that wasn't a mirror image.

However, the TNA incarnation of the stable has GOT to have Roode. I would go as far as saying that if you were to try to fill the 'roles' to keep it 'classic,' Roode would be a good choice for the Arn Anderson spot, and D'Angelo Dinero could have filled the Flair role, and played it to a T. Dinero has the look and the charisma to lead such a stable.

If they wanted to keep Beer Money together, I think it would work. The Beer Money personas could easily evolve into a jet flying, limousine riding, wheeling, dealing sort of persona, if you catch my drift.

The Blanchard role could be filled quite possibly by Ken Anderson, if he dropped his announcer gimmick. Anderson has been getting tremendous heel heat in his current TNA run, and Blanchard was a heat magnet for the Horsemen. If not Anderson, then Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe looked classy in his suit on last week's Impact and could pull it off, combined with working a heelish technical style in the ring.

We'll see how it pans out with AJ, but I think this would have been a lot better, and would have especially drawn in the old-school fans.

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