Another Knockout Let Go While a Diva Is Injuried

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2010

Roxxi, who has been hurt since the all Knockout Impact, is said to have been given her release from TNA. Her profile on the roster page has been deleted but nothing has been said about the release. It doesn't come as much of a shock as TNA has allowed Roxxi to do her own thing once before. However, she was a fan favorite and is just another case of TNA getting rid of random talent they no longer feel will help their company. The Knockout Tag Team Championship hasn't been showcased in quite some time and Kong, one half of the champions, is now no longer with the company. Outside of ODB, Love, Tara, and TBP, the division, which at one time was their highest rated segments on the show and considered one of the best things in professional wrestling, has taken quite the hit since the Hogan/Eric era and might even be considered worse than the WWE Diva division.

Speaking about the Diva division, former Women's Champion, Mickie James, is sidelined with a staph infection in her leg and had to undergo surgery on Monday. If anyone remembers, Kevin Nash got an infection in his arm and was out for a few weeks. Not a good sign for Mickie and it might be a close call for her to wrestle at Mania. One has to wonder what it might do to her concert as she was set to perform around Mania time. Hopefully she'll recover quickly in time for the big shows.

For those wondering, here's a picture of Mickie in the hospital: