Storylining:Wrestlemania-Bound (Smackdown)

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Storylining:Wrestlemania-Bound (Smackdown)

Hello one and all!This is my not so famous storylining blog in which I take the role of the WWE Creative Team and write up what I would do with the company's workers if I were in charge.The following storyline is based around current happenings in the wrestling world and my sole opinion/crazy ideas,assuming each ppv takes place two-four weeks at a time.Today we'll take a special look at several storylines heading into the spectacle that is Wrestlemania.


Week 1-Have Mickie and Michelle cut a promo for their rematch that night. After Mickie leaves, Beth comes into the fray and warns Michelle that she’s coming after the title. Then Beth smiles and walks off.

Mickie vs Michelle accompanied by Layla-Beth sits at ringside to watch the match. Layla goes on top of the apron to distract the ref, but Beth yanks her off, Layla’s face eating mat. Afterwards, Beth slams Layla into the barricade.

Mickie hits her finisher, and just as she’s about to regain her title, Beth comes in to break it up.  She lays both Mickie and Michelle out, finally raising the title.

Winner: No Contest

Week 2-Beth cuts a promo in the ring throwing herself a belated New Year’s Bash. She does her typical Glamazon skit, then turning her attention to the piñata hanging from the top of the ceiling. Beth says that she talked to a fortune teller earlier in the day, stating that the woman told her that her future lies in it.

Beth grabs a stick and rams the piñata open. A fake women’s title belt falls out, Beth exclaiming, “Why look at this!”. She goes on a rant about how fitting it is when Mickie’s music plays.

Mickie says that Beth screwed her over, and she’s not going to stand for it. Some back and forth between Beth and Mickie, and finally Mickie says she had the title in the bag and Beth new it.

That’s when Michelle’s music plays. Lay-cool comes out to denounce Mickie’s strong suggestion. There’s some talking between all four when a fight breaks out.

Lay-cool attacks Mickie while Beth watches joyfully. Lay-cool accidentally tap Beth which ticks her off. Beth then separates the fight, sending Mickie flying in one corner and Lay-cool in the other.  

Vickie later interrupts, announcing an impromptu tag team match between Lay-cool and Beth/Mickie.

Lay-cool vs Beth and Mickie-

Beth goes the majority of the match when Mickie tags in unnoticed. Beth get pissed and starts to leave the ring area. She turns around one last time, and when Mickie runs the ropes Beth trips her up.

Distracted, Layla hits her finisher on Mickie for the win.

Week 3-Mickie vs Michelle with Layla vs Beth for the Women's Title is announced for Wrestlemania.

Lay-cool cuts a promo with Natalya for their handicap match that night against Mickie and Beth.Michelle suggests that Layla isn't 'championship material',and then tries to explain it to Layla.

Layla reluctantly agrees after Michelle says their both "simply flawless!".Vickie later walks in and tells them to "make me proud tonight!".

Lay-cool and Natalya vs Beth and Mickie

Beth and Mickie quickly tag in and out of the match constantly to show eachother up,tagging each other in with harsh smacks against their skin.

Beth feeds Mickie to the opposition again.Michelle lays Mickie out with a big boot, Layla tags herself in, and finally pins Mickie for the win.

Michelle reluctantly celebrates with the team,eyeing Layla suspiciously.

Week 4-Michelle and Layla cut a promo backstage with Vickie wishing Michelle luck at Wrestlemania.Layla's really excited and psyched,but Michelle seems to be bored.Layla picks up on this and asks what's wrong.

Michelle tells her that she has a big problem,and Layla asks her what it is.Michelle slowly goes from bored/sad to angry stating,"It's just that......I have a best friend who wants to screw me over!".

Layla yells,"What?!",followed by a slap to the face from McCool.Vickie starts to maniacally laugh and point at Layla while Layla is just shocked.

Michelle vs Mickie with Beth at ringside

Beth helps Michelle here and ther throughout the match.She pushes Mickie off the top rope,clotheslines her when she's thrown to the outside,and slams her into the announcers table.

At one point,Beth pulls the middle rope down to make Mickie fall through as to be counted out,but Layla comes in to make the save.She throws Mickie into the ring,distracting Michelle.

As Beth chases Layla around the ring Mickie rolls Michelle up for the win.This is where it gets complicated.

Beth chases Layla around until Layla just slides into the ring.She walks backwards until she bumps into Michelle,then she turns around and does  the same to Beth.Michelle goes for a big boot on Layla,but she ducks and Michelle hits Beth.

When she turns around,Michelle is hit with a spin kick from Mickie.Layla and Mickie have a stare-down.When Mickie turns around to leave Layla hits her patented roundhouse kick to the back of Mickie's head.Layla stands tall amongst her enemies.

Later on Layla is added to Mickie vs Michelle vs Beth at Wrestlemania.



Week 1-Layla is in the middle of the ring dressed like a queen,crown and all.She's sitting on her pedestal when she begins to cut a promo about how Michelle was holding her back,and how she was too fabulous for her anyway.

Layla goes on until she comes to this Sunday's match.She says that as far as she's concerned,she's already a champion,and all she's missing is gold.

Mickie then comes from behind and tears the whole set up.She beats Layla a bit before hitting her Mickie-DT on her.Then Mickie cuts a short promo stating that noone's going to be champion but her.

Throughout the night Michelle and Beth cut their own promos.

Wrestlemania-Layla vs Michelle vs Beth vs Mickie

The end comes when Mickie goes to the top rope.Layla pushes her off.While distracted,Layla gets hit with Michelle's big boot finisher.Beth takes advantage,hits the GlamSlam,and wins the championship for a third time.


So,what'd you think?Was it funny,cool,pushing the boundaries,or just plain stupid?Did you have any suggestions of your own?Or maybe you just think something should've been tweaked?Whatever the case may be,sound off in the comments!

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