Guest Hosts Gimmick NOT Ending After WrestleMania?

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2010

It is with my sad duty to report that the Guest Host gimmick on Raw will not end right after WrestleMania. There were quite a few reports saying that they were thinking about ending it, but with TNA going to Monday nights, USA and WWE felt the need to keep the guest host gimmick as a drawing point. So, who will be the host(s) the Monday after Mania?


March 29, 2010: The cast of Hot Tub Time Machine
The night after WrestleMania, step into the whirlpool for what is sure to be a hysterical night as the cast of the film Hot Tub Time Machine guest hosts Monday Night Raw. In the aftermath of the biggest event of the year, the cast, including Rob Cordry and Clark Duke, will surely keep everyone laughing and step back in time to revisit the events of the previous night at WrestleMania.


I, for one, am not even considering watching that crap of a movie. Why WWE would give this cast hosting duties after the biggest night of wrestling in the year, I have no clue. The movie looks like shit and the previews aren't even funny. I'm a bit scared to see what should be an amazing Raw turn into pure and utter trash with these guest hosts.