Mister Joe Burgett Wrong Again

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2010

Joe Burgett recently wrote an article about Mister Helms coming to TNA after his release from WWE.

In that story and comments section (which is now deleted for some reason), he said that Velvet Sky, one of the most over Knockout's in TNA, was going to be released over some scandal.

Kaz was on the chopping block, but Sky was going to go while Traci Brooks would stay.

However, Traci Brooks was just released today from TNA. Once again, Joe's little claim was wrong. In fact, if Edge was here, he'd go WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!

I, however, was right. I told Joe that Traci was going to go and look what happened. Rather that Velvet thing is true or not, in the wrestling world, it doesn't really matter. What matters in the business is which guy is the most over wrestler and creates the least drama.

Matt Hardy knows this is true as once he started crying online (which he probably had every right to do), his ass was fired. Jeff Jarrett, the guy that started TNA for Christ sakes, got involved with his top star's ex-wife and felt the power turn.

Kaz is getting a push, even with the scandal breaking out. TNA denied his request to leave and many top stars talked him into staying. When Hogan and Eric came, they did the right thing and took Suicide off of TV.

They re-debuted Kaz and instantly gave him an X Division Title shot. The main event of Destination X just might be Kaz against Amazing Red. I, for one, wouldn't be shocked to see Kaz walk out as champion.

Traci, on the other hand, had been pushed off the Playboy magazine and instead had to settle for the online edition. She also cannot really wrestle for some condition she has.

She has to be very careful. TNA had nothing for her and the fans really weren't interested in her. She is now gone, Mister Joe's inside source was again wrong, and Kaz is being rewarded. Isn't the professional wrestling career great?