Has Rob Van Dam Signed With TNA?

Steven RansiearCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2010

Hulk Hogan along with Jimmy Hart appeared on the Jim Kerr Rock 'N Roll Morning Show earlier today to discuss the move to Monday night for TNA iMPACT. During the interview Hogan discussed the young talent that TNA had and mentioned they had a few surprises up their sleeve. When announcing that he heard TNA signed new talent last night he made the signature Rob Van Dam pose.

I didn't want to report this as breaking news because I have zero confirmation from TNA or anyone else. However this may be an earlier spoiler for the March 8th live iMPACT. At the same time it could simply be a diversion to obtain viewers.

TNA certainly needs to do a lot to compete head to head with the WWE's Monday Night RAW but is signing a lot of big name talent the right way to do that? You can't rely on surprises and big debuts every week. TNA needs to build the company up to actually compete.

At any rate, they want you to tune in and have started to get that feeling out there that anything and everything could happen on Monday. Rob stated for quite a while though that if he were to go back, it would be to the WWE. His wife has had medical issues and he needs to be close by. Maybe TNA will let him work a much reduced schedule.

UPDATE - SPIKE TV's official Twitter page announced that Hulk Hogan confirmed the signing of Rob Van Dam. Word is that TNA is not happy that this has leaked so apparently he has signed with them.

If you want to see the interview where Hogan talks about this, the link is below: