Christian Laettner v. Danny Manning- College Matchup of the Week

Pat MixonSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2010

Here’s our 1st College Legend Matchup. Laettner versus Manning. Both players were unbelievable in college and had less than stellar pro careers. But in college, they were dominate and carried their teams, Duke and Kansas, to the NCAA Championship. It is easy to argue that Laettner had a much stronger supporting cast, including Grant Hill and Bobby Hurley, and that is undeniable. You won’t get any argument or debate on this point from us. Danny Manning carried all the weight of his team.

But this Blog is not about teams. Only Individuals Matter. This is about one on one, head to head, game point to 11 by ones. Winner’s Outs. So, it is all about how Laettner would matchup against Manning.

The next Post will go into the Scouting Report on both players for our Matchup of the Week.