Stefan GP The FIA and Politics

JC CoteContributor IMarch 4, 2010

D-day came and went for Stefan GP and it wasn't pretty. The FiA led by Jean Todt (former Ferrari team boss) have decided to deny Stefan GP entry into the 2010 F1 Championship.

There are several reasons why this happened, the most significant being a show of force by Todt. All it took was Bernie Ecclestone publicly stating that he thought Stefan GP with Jacques Villeneuve in one of the cars was good for F1. The hammer named "contrary" fell only hours later in the form of a press release from the FiA.

It is surely not the end of the story, as Stefan GP purchased what was left of Toyota F1's 2009 equipment and had been employing many people who were under the impression that a fully functional chassis/engine combo with full F1 facilities would take precedence over a somewhat fictional and unsubstantial USF1 team.

This assumption was surely not incorrect on Stefan GP's part and overall this decision is being viewed as sour grapes on the FiA's part and Napoleon-esque move on Jean Todt's part.

As of this morning, F1 insiders at various teams were still under the impression that Stefan GP could possibly be on the starting grid in Bahrain. This issue without a doubt has not been laid to rest completely and I’m positive that there are many conversations and litigators preparing their next moves.