Eagles Offseason Pickups (my Opinion)

Michael BowersoxContributor IMarch 4, 2010

My truthfully honest opinion. The Philadelphia Eagles should pick up LaDainian Tomlinson. He's an amazing pass catcher, but an ever better carrier.  Just think about it LT and MV on the same team. Both MVP's there rookie year. I honestly don't think the Eagles are going to keep Mike Vick tho. I'm sure they'll give him to another team, Because rumor has it 8 teams already called the eagles about taking Vick off there hands, but the Eagles refused because they want to see if Vick can "regain" his strength. Only time will tell in this situation. Other then that I also heard that the Eagles are only going to focus on there defense this 2010 Draft (good idea). Last season the Eagles defense, well lets just say it wasn't too hot, but thanks to Asante  Samuel they had a good season. That's all for now stay tuned for more updates.