2010 NFL Draft Mock Draft: First Round Analysis

Bubba GillContributor IMarch 4, 2010

Well, I've many seen so many mock drafts.

Many are filled with "Team Needs" and some are very far fetched, like the ones where Suh falls to the Seahawks.

Some are filled with a very biased opinion.

Some simply come after the combine is over—Good job Al Davis impersonators.

On a side note when I list team needs, they will be listed in order from "urgent" to "like to have."


So here with the St. Louis Rams first overall pick of the 2010 NFL draft:


First: St.Louis Rams QB Sam Bradford

This pick is becoming more realistic every day. Bradford is a very excellent pick here.

Rest assured Rams fans, there is plenty of talent in this year's draft to fill other key positions.

Team Needs: LT, LB, QB, CB, DT


Second: Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh

How could anyone else pass on Suh?

Well, depends on who you ask, this pick could also be Gerald McCoy.

Suh is a fine specimen.

Team Needs: LT, DT, CB, LG, DE


Third: Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy

As I said before, these picks could reciprocate.

McCoy reminds me of Cortez Kennedy as he didn't lift well in combine, but will most definitely be a beast on the field.

What does the combine even show, speed, strength, leaping ability? What it doesn't show is game intelligence, field awareness, grit, winning mentality. 

Team Needs: DT, WR, CB, DE, SS


Fourth: Washington Redskins LT Anthony Davis

I know it's out there, but of all the LT in this year's draft, he has the most upside of any of them.

Davis does appear lazy sometimes, but he naturally squares up very well with DE's—that kind of skill is very hard to coach.

Plus, he has very long arms, essential in pass protection.

Team Needs: QB, LT, RB, LB, C

Fifth: Kansas City Chiefs LT Russel Okung

Some say Okung isn't a top 10 pick, but I'd have to say they are wrong.

He is very strong, and fast for a big man. His pass protection needs work, but with good coaching, he will be a dominate LT in the NFL.

Team Needs:LT, DT, LB, C, CB


Sixth: Seattle Seahawks S Eric Berry

Seattle has been lacking a ball hawk for some time. This year Pete Carroll will address this by drafting Berry.

Berry could also play CB if needed but I will guess Carroll will use him to complement Deon Grant.

Team Needs: LT, DE, QB, DT, WR


Seventh: Clevelend Browns QB Jimmy Clausen

With Holmgren in town, he will want his own QB taking the snaps.

Clausen will develop into a starting QB in this league, though he lacks leadership.

With the right pieces behind him, he could be a silent leader like Eli Manning .

Team Needs: QB, S, CB, WR, LB


Eighth: Oakland Raiders LT Bruce Campbell

Easily the most talented LT in this year's draft. His downside is that he is injury-prone and only started 17 games in the last three years.

Al Davis will draft him for his talent and upside.

If he can beat his injuries, the other teams that could have drafted him will be kicking themselves every time they play the Raiders.

Team Needs: QB, LT, DT, RT, CB


Ninth: Buffalo Bills LT Trent Williams

Buffalo has many needs, but the premiere QB's have already been taken. So with their next need being LT, they take Williams.

Williams has huge upside as well as excellent footwork. He explodes off the ball, and he plays smart.

Team Needs: QB, LT, DT, LB, WR


10th: Jacksonville Jaguars DE Derrick Morgan

With the biggest need on the team being filled by the most NFL-ready DE in the draft, the Jaguars will be pleasantly happy.

Morgan will bring a pass rush, equipped with a non-stop motor. He will be a dominant DE in the NFL.

Team Needs: DE, S, C , RG, WR


11th: Denver Broncos WR Dez Bryant

The Broncos' need for WR wouldn't exist if the team knew Brandon Marshall would sign a extension.

Not going to happen.

Dez Bryant will fill nicely next year when Marshall leaves. It's going to almost be like they didn't skip a beat after the departure of Marshall.

Team Needs: QB, DE, WR, DT, C


12th: Miami Dolphins S Taylor Mays

Mays will bring the pass and rush defense Parcells needs for the defense.

If Kindle or McClain are here though, look for them to be drafted.

Parcells' defense has always depended on a pass-rushing LB so Mays is the next piece of the defense.

Next year Dolphin fans, next year.

Team Needs: LB, DT, WR, S, TE


13th: San Francisco 49ers RB CJ Spiller

Look for the 49ers to add super fast Spiller.

Spiller will complement Gore much more than Coffee and he will be a change of pace back.

I really don't see Spiller being an every down back as some think he is.

Great pick for SF.

Team Needs: RT, G, S, DT, QB


14th: Seattle Seahawks LT Charles Brown

Look for the Seahawks to "finally" get their LT of the future in Charles Brown.

By Brown gaining 13 pounds for the combine, it shows his work ethic to become NFL ready.

Gibbs' ZBS starts with Brown, who will be a perfect fit.

Team Needs: LT, DE, QB, DT, WR


15th: New York Giants S Earl Thomas

With Earl Thomas taking stage, he will improve the pass defense instantly.

Thomas has the ball-hawking skills to instantly improve the Giants defense.

Team Needs: DT, S, LB, RT, DE


16th: Tennessee Titans DE Jason Pierre Paul

Well, with arguably best DE taken off the board, the Titans take in my opinion the DE, that could quite possibly be the most talented in the draft, basketball player-turned DE Jason Pierre Paul.

His upside is HUGE, with the right coaching he could quite possibly be the best DE in this year's draft.

Team Needs: DE, CB, LB, DT, OG


17th: San Francisco 49ers CB Joe Haden

The 49ers just can't pass on Haden.

Yes, he ran a slow 40 time time but like I stated earlier, it's the combine.

Whatever, Haden will have a starting spot come September.


Team Needs: RT, G, S, DT, QB

18th: Pittsburgh Steelers DT Dan Williams

Now the terrible towels get the next Casey Hampton.

Sorry Casey, you're 33-years-old and you can't play forever.

Williams will be a beast in the middle for years to come and he's the best 3-4 NT in this year's draft.

Team Needs: CB, LB, DT, DE, G

19th: Atlanta Falcons DE Brandon Graham

This guy seems like he is always proving himself and he was amazing in the Senior Bowl.

Graham has an excellent motor and probably the most underrated DE in this year's draft.

He will be a fan favorite.

Team Needs: DE, CB, LB, DT, WR


20th: Houston Texans CB Devon McCourty

McCourty is a very fast CB and will most definitely be called in the first round due to the combine.

He will fill Robinson's shoes and is the best fit for Houston's defensive scheme.

Team Needs: CB, S, DT, G, RB

21st: Cinncinati Bengals WR Arrelious Benn

With the recent passing of Henry, the Bengals look for true No. 2 WR in Benn. He is big and fast with excellent hands.

Some don't think he'll be in the first round because of his last season at Illinois but what do they know?

Team Needs: WR, TE, S, CB, LB


22nd: New England Patriots DT Jared Odrick

The Patriots have so much going on right now internally that they draft the multi-talented Odrick.

He can move all over the line and still be dominate.

Look also for Belichick to surprise us with an CB also.

Team Needs: LB, DE, WR, OG, RB

23rd: Green Bay Packers LT Bryan Bulaga

It's about time the Packers give Rodgers a definite blind-side protector.

Bulaga has a lot of upside and  he squares up very well in pass protection.

His downside is that he can be bull-rushed and he has short arms, which is important for pass protection.

Team Needs:LT, CB, S, OG, DE

24th: Philadelphia Eagles DE Carlos Dunlop

The Eagles definitely need an upgrade on their pass rush.

Dunlop is very "gifted." He has all the things you look for in an DE: size, speed, technique.

Downside? He can be lazy at times.

Team Needs DE, LB, S, LT, CB


25th: Baltimore Ravens WR Golden Tate

The Ravens finally get the playmaker they so desperately need on the offense. Tate will be the piece of the puzzle for their offense.

I just loved it when Tate jumped into the Michigan State Band when he played for ND.

Team Needs: TE, LB, DE, WR, K


26th: Arizona Cardinals DE/OLB Jerry Hughes

Hughes adds youth to an aging LB corp.He could come in and within a few years and takeover Dansby's spot.

In four years, Cards fans will be saying Dans who?

Team Needs: QB, LT, LB, CB, DT


27th: Dallas Cowboys OG Mike Iupati

Jerry Jones likes his O-line to be HUGE. Iupati fit the mold of what Jones is looking for: big, fast, mean and did I mention HUGE?

Iupati will be a dominate OG in the NFL. He is best-suited at guard even though some think he could transition into LT.

Team Needs: S, G, DT, LB, CB

28th: San Diego Chargers RB Jahvid Best

With the departures of Tomlinson and Sproles testing the free agent market, the Chargers take Best. Best is arguably alot like LT: great cut, field vision, and speed.

Best's blocking ability is suspect but the Chargers just cant pass on his talent.

Team Needs:RB, DT, DE, CB, S


29th: New York Jets CB Patrick Robinson

Rex Ryan has learned with Revis, a DB can be a very important component for winning. By adding Robinson he gets another great cover man for his already impressive pass defense.

Robinson is a great grab here at 29th.

Team Needs: LB, CB, DE, S, WR


30th: Minnesota Vikings LB Sean Weatherspoon

By adding Weatherspoon, the Vikings add a great LB.

He can be complementory to Henderson and is the type of LB to take out a lead blocker, enabling Henderson to make the tackle.

Weatherspoon is very team-oriented.

Team Needs: LB, S, OG, C, DT, QB

31st: Indianapolis Colts OG Maurkice Pouncey

The Colts add a much-needed interior lineman. Pouncey is a smaller OG but his technique is phenomenal.

He helps the run game on the offense.

Team Needs: LT, DT, LB, OG, DE


32nd: New Orleans Saints DT Brian Price

The new found Saints are no longer the Aints. They are complete team but by adding some bulk up the middle, they simply become better.

Disruptive, powerful, and agile are all words that can be used to describe Price.

Great steal at 32.

Team Needs: DE, DT, LB, S, C


Well as you see this draft is abundant with defensive talent. Even in the latter rounds there are playmakers on both sides of the field.

Hope you enjoyed.

Please feel free to leave a comment.






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