Wes Welker's Amazing New England 2007 Season

Aaron MeyerCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

Wes Welker caught some passes he probably shouldn't have in addition to taking some shots to get some extra yards. As tricky as he is, 145 targets is a lot for one season, as is three games of 10+ receptions.

Historically, slot receivers have not consistently posted huge numbers. But, New England may experiment this year with new formations, lining their players in new places to try to confuse defenses, but Welker still is still the ideal slot receiver. 

Wes should be again an exciting go-getter of Brady's security blanket. Welker had five or more catches in 12 games last year. He should still see a lot of targets and post some amazing numbers. However, projecting a 10 to 20 percent decreases in production would not be unreasonable.      

Some facts are from footballguys.com.