Gun to My Head Blog: Best Current Texas Ranger

Andy SimpsonAnalyst IJuly 7, 2008

With a gun to your head, who would you say is the best current Texas Ranger?  Here are the options:

  1. Ian Kinsler-Leading the league in hits (121), batting average (.332), and runs (79).  He's 2nd in doubles (28), 4th in triples (4), and 5th in stolen bases (23).  With that, he's got 14 home runs, 53 RBIs, and a .545 slugging percentage.  Ian's been showing well above-average range at 2nd as well lately.
  2. Josh Hamilton-Leading the league with 84 RBIs and 2nd with 19 home runs.  He's 4th with 107 hits and 5th with a .546 slugging percentage.  Josh also has a .309 average and has been playing an excellent outfield.  Has struggled with injuries and other teams stronger game-plans lately.
  3. Milton Bradley-He's 2nd in slugging percentage at .605 and 5th in batting average at .320.  Leading the team with .439 on-base percentage and 52 walks.  He's got 17 home runs and 54 RBIs batting behind Hamilton.
  4. Honorable Mention-Michael Young with 104 hits, 23 doubles, and solid play at short.  David Murphy with 23 doubles, 55 RBIs, and solid outfield defense.  Vicente Padilla with 10 wins, but only on the list because I needed a pitcher.

With a gun to my head, I've got to take Ian Kinsler.  He's doing amazing things from the leadoff spot and should be the All-Star starter and an MVP candidate if the Rangers keep winning.