Power on the Vikings Defense in teh 2007 season

Aaron MeyerCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

The Vikings eight defensive touchdowns, an advantage scheme and a explosive run-stopping defense straight to a top-10 fantasy finish last season. Unknown to many casual fans of the defensive football, Minnesota's league best Defensive Tackles combining strength of Kevin and Pat Williams set the pace by stopping the line of scrimmage from up the middle, which allowed the play-making and assertive back seven led by middle linebacker- E.J. Henderson, Corner back Antonio Winfield and Saftey Darren Sharper to free rule to take advantage of any offensive mishaps.Last seasons lack of concentration of have the defensive players led to not getting the tackles and sacks they could have gotten to get them to the playoffs. The 2008 season will be a much better year form learning form the mishaps they had last year to have a better season.