Rashad Evans Fires a Shot at "Rampage" Jackson...and Forrest Griffin?

Christopher DiCarloContributor IIMarch 3, 2010

Leading up to the highly anticipated Rashad Evans vs. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson fight, Evans fired a shot Wednesday at Rampage and his need for training.

This comes in response to when Rampage claimed that his rival coach from The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights has a big mouth, but no chin.

"He's in the UK right now training," Evans said, according to fighthype.com . "He's doing a Forrest (Griffin) camp, so that's how fat he is. Rampage gotta get in shape just to get in shape. He's in rough shape right now. He's been sitting on the set for a while, in the trailer, waiting to do scenes and getting served food and everything else."

This just adds more fuel to the fire, and fight fans love it!

Besides their ongoing smack talking, which might be some of the best the UFC has seen, Rashad and "Rampage" are set to do physical battle at UFC 114 on May 29.

Evans also indirectly called out Griffin saying, besides Rampage, Griffin was also fat and out of shape before their UFC 92 light heavyweight title fight.

Fight fans cannot wait for Rashad and Rampage to finally beat the piss out of each other. It's been way too long since their appearance as coaches on TUF.

Many think that the anticipation has been lost, and I strongly disagree.

These two are going to hate each other no matter what, and we could wait another year for this fight and still get excited for it.

Everybody has their sides, Team Rashad or Team Rampage, but we can all agree that we cannot wait for this fight to take place on May 29.