Mejia Next Doc Gooden Or Mo!

Keith BennettCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2010

 Strawberry, the former Mets slugger who is in camp for a week as a coach, sat close to the plate, behind a batting-practice screen, during Monday's intersquad game and nearly fell out of his chair when he saw Mejia start dealing. "and that's his fastball. He's not even throwing a cutter. It's all natural." He reminds straw of Mariano Rivera and Doc Gooden. People are saying his fastball cut like Mo. Giving him just the one side of the plate has helped him. The manager does think Mejia's future might be as a reliever, simply because of the Rivera-like cutting action. Minaya said the Mets are going to groom him as a starter. Manuel didn't seem to mind having a new wingman. I would start him at Double A. If he look goods send him to Triple A. He still a baby 20 years old. He may see citifield by the end of season or next year. Watch out Frankie K!