Breaking News: Major Star Rumored to Take Time Off After Wrestlemania

Jersey Strong Jay@@PWPowerhouseCorrespondent IIMarch 29, 2017

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It turns out that Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, and Rey Mysterio aren't the only rumored superstars to be taking time off after Wrestlemania XXVI.

Reports are indicating that Triple H is suffering from minor pain in his quadriceps and is likely to miss some time shortly after Wrestlemania. 

This seems to be a semi-regular occurrence for The Game, which is smart on his part.  He can recharge his batteries after countless hours of in-ring performing, creative meetings, and tending to the bosses daughter.

In 2005, he finished a big feud with Batista after two pay-per-view return matches and took time off until October to rest some minor neck pain. 

Last year, Triple H took time off after he dropped the WWE Title in underwhelming fashion to Randy Orton.  This make-shift tag team match at Backlash consisted of Triple H, Shane McMahon, and Batista against The Legacy of Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase.

This also gives the "WWE Universe" a chance to not get burnt out on The Game. 

Sometimes, the over-exposure of a performer will lead casual viewers of the product to get tired of said performer.  We've gone through what seems like an eternity of crotch chops, glow sticks, and stupid Hornswoggle skits.  I'm personally glad to hear that Triple H might be giving it a rest.

Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.  And Triple H knows this.  He won't get the kind of pop upon return that he got in Madison Square Garden in January 2002, but the fans will be happy when he's spitting water once again.

What do YOU think about my views on Triple H taking time off once again after Wrestlemania?  Feel free to discuss!

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