Jayson Werth's Beard Just Needed Mentioning

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Jayson Werth's Beard Just Needed Mentioning

As  self-declared experts on sporting facial hair, when we first saw a picture of Phillies’ outfielder Jayson Werth’s spring training beard, we just felt it needed to be mentioned in some way. 

Maybe a joke about how great he was in the recent remake of The Wolfman or how we hope his offseason spent fishing for Alaskan King Crab was bountiful, whatever.  We just needed an excuse to post this… 


Then we just decided to take a look online to see what has already been said about Mr. Werth’s new look, after all we’re not the only blog out there who appreciates a good serial killer beard.  And while it had received ample attention from our counterparts as suspected,  we have to admit that the swiftness of the internet once again stunned us when we discovered an entire website dedicated to Jayson Werth’s beards, conveniently titled “Jayson Werth’s Beards“.  Clearly there was no reason to proceed with our post when someone obviously has already done it better (and allowed user submitted Werth beard photoshops) so instead we’ll simply post the link and highlight our favorite…

If there’s one thing we believe in, its that you run with Bob Ross jokes whenever you can find them.

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