The WWE: It's Greatness

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The WWE: It's Greatness
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The WWE, it's not just entertainment.  It's so many other things as well.  It's a past time, a hobby, and more.  I know so many who say it's fake.  I call that ignorance.  Supertsars do happen to get hurt.  But, that isn't the focus of this article.  The WWE has given me the opportunity to vent, among other things. 

Its also almost like a democracy.  YOU decide who's a face and who's a heel.  You cheer, you boo.  When it's a good match, you can even picture yourself inside the ring beating the holy hell out of whoever it is you don't like. 

Sites like this are made for people like us to write what we want to say, what we feel.  And who knows?  Maybe some guy who works with the WWE reads some of the articles either here or on other sites.  The WWE is, and always has been, a rising power.  At every event televised the seats are filled. 

I think That there are many factors that have given it popularity among people of all ages.  One of which is its "soap opera" setting.  There are so many story lines going on at once that it never gets old. 

Another big thing is the "democracy" as I mentioned earlier.  The best matches are the ones that follow, listen to, the crowd.  Not to mention heroes and idols.  The WWE has provided the people with plenty of those. I know that personally any of my heroes or idols are superstars other than family and friends.  They give you someone to look up to, to want to be like and something to aspire to. 

The WWE also provides a sense being as well as of belonging.  You are a part of something.  It gives you inspiration.  I am a HUGE fan of the WWE and I'm proud of it.  I won't hide it.

There's so much that the WWE offers, so much it gives.  Too much to discuss in just one article.  I thank all who comment and welcome all criticism.

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