Where Will WWE's Standpoint Be In The Upcoming Years?

D-KwikContributor IMarch 3, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen I'm back. And today's topic is of course about non other than the powerhouse known as WWE.

Growing up watching Wrestling I was mesmerized but the athletic ability and the story telling that occurred. I grew up during the "Attitude Era" probably thee greatest period of time in Wrestling history. Of course everybody is entitled to their own opinion but in my eyes the best opinion is your own.

Speculating characters like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Undertaker and many superstars worth mentioning but I do not have all day.

I'm sure when fans grew up they thought their Wrestling era was great and some may still do but, We are in a time of PG. Probably the worst decision Vinnie Mac could of ever made or I might of been the greatest.

As I continue to watch I've seen my heroes slowly fade from the squared circle. As time goes on each day passes and everyone grows old.

Mother nature has certainly shown it's presence. The Deadman, The Darkhorse, The Phenom is a shell of his former self. Each week I see The Undertaker, I grow weary to see an icon fade.

I grew up believing he was really unbeatable, untouched, he could do anything, he's The Deadman. Unfortunately this is not the case he is just a man, growing older everyday.

I hate to see my hero go but, It is almost unbearable to sit back and see this man in pain and anguish. A blind man can see The Phenom is on his way out.

Shawn Michaels, The Heart Break Kid, The Showstopper, Mr. Wrestlemania! One of the greatest performers I've ever witnessed. He too is on his last run.

Others like my favorite Triple  &, Kane are the ones I grow up watching not including Batista. All of these men have two things in common. One, they are without a shadow of a doubt Hall of Famers and for great reason.

Two, these men are past their prime and in their forty's. This deeply saddens because they are great and they are the last of their kind. A dying breed in wrestling.

Of course who would of thought WWE would recover after the likes of Hogan, The Rock, Roddy Piper,Steve Austin and others left.

I thought I'd never watch any program of the WWE after The Rock and Austin left but, I was wrong.

Although we do not like to admit it, Vince always finds replacements. Just old sticks of chewing gum that's lost their flavor. WWE always seems to surprise us with new faces we grow to love.

Wrestling shows promise in the new age. Superstars like , Randy Orton, John Cena, CM Punk and many many more. I remember when they were all mid-carders trying to make a name for themselves.

I thought to myself these guys suck, They won't last long. I was completely and utterly wrong. When our Icons fade we find new icons to lift our heads and give us a great deal of promise.

I will not be the first to admit that Wrestling is'nt what it used to be. But as we grow and continue to watch we all feel sucked in still. I made a vow to myself when my icons Undertaker, Triple h & Shawn Michaels retire I will not continue to watch this product.

I may have have to go back on my words because I've grown to love The New Age Superstars. I see future champions and Hall Of Famers, just like I've witnessed our icons.

And in 10 years what will the WWE become? Undertaker and HBK are almost guaranteed to be gone. Unless they become bionic from advancing technology, which I highly doubt. Some questions lie with Triple H, will he hang up his boots in the coming years or will we see a Ric Flair situation?

Also in 10 years our new favorites will be in the same boat as the legends of yesterday. No one wants to see a 50 year old John Cena with his pants around his ankles telling his opponents to come get some while he fixes his dentures.

We will all have our own different opinions and our own favorites, and although some may not want to admit the decline of our era's superstars, There will always be a WWE.

And if your not down with that then go watch that crap called TNA, because rest assured it won't be around for long.

World Wrestling Entertainment will always live on in our hearts and on TV. You could take that to the bank.

Thank you for your time reading this article. Comments negative or positive is appreciated. D-Kwik Out...