Why John Cena Versus Batista Needs To Close WrestleMania 26

Jacob BurmanCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2010

WrestleMania is the biggest show of the year. People around the world come to see the biggest show of them all. At the end of the show, you want people to go away not only talking about the show, but going home happy. You don't want to piss people off and make the crowd angry at the end of the show. Everyone wants a storybook ending and something they can talk about for years to come.

There are four possible Main Event matches at Mania this year. Quite honestly, this is a highly stacked Mania and reminds me of WrestleMania 19. That WrestleMania had four Main Event type matches and interesting enough, I wrote an article calling it the Greatest WrestleMania of them all and how WWE needs to produce that type of show. Please, if you haven't, take some time and cheap out one of my very first articles on this site:


Like I said, that Mania had four Main Event matches. Austin versus Rock, Lesnar versus Angle, McMahon versus Hogan, and Jericho versus Michaels. This year, you got McMahon versus Hart, Edge versus Jericho, Undertaker versus Michaels, and Cena versus Batista. I'd even go so far as drawing comparissions between these matches.

McMahon versus Hart will be a lot like McMahon versus Hogan because I expect a street fight and just an all out war to settle a lot of differences. In the end, the boss will go down as the wrestler who worked his ass off for the Devil gets his due.

Edge versus Jericho will go down as Lesnar versus Angle. People wanted it and were waiting for it. Lesnar and Angle were both great pure wrestlers and fans have been dreaming for the match. Ever since Edge got hurt and the way Jericho treated the injury, people were counting down the days for Edge to return and take out Jericho. This will live up to the standards and have something people will talk about for years to come.

Cena versus Batista will be a whole lot like Austin versus Rock. There is a small circle that think this may be Batista's last match and he is going to retire. He might pull an Austin and go out without much hype behind it. Not many people knew this match was going to be Austin's last. Let's face it, it wasn't a five star classic and neither will be Cena versus Batista. But the fans are behind them and have invested interest. Not the greatest wrestling match, but there is enough storyline behind it for it to be considered a success.

Taker versus Michaels should be compared to Michaels versus Jericho. No title on the line and it means nothing. It's all about honor and pride. This match might once again be the match of the year. This will be a mat classic and have fans on their seats. This was Michaels' return to WrestleMania and this match might be his last WrestleMania match. There's no question that a lot of emotion is behind this match, as there was behind Michaels against Jericho. When the night is over, just like after WM 19 when people talked about Michaels and Jericho, they will be talking all about this match.

Now, just like the different choices presented for WWE for WM 19, there is a lot to be considered for WM 26. I feel, with all my heart, that they need to put Cena and Batista as the closing match.

Undertaker against Shawn Michaels cannot close the show. In fact, that match shouldn't be anywhere near the top of the card. After this match, they need to insert a Diva's match and the Legacy/Orton match. There is going to be so much emotion in whatever the outcome, fans need to digest everything and putting another main event match right after this or even after a five minute Diva match will be bad.

However, it cannot close the show because no matter what the outcome is, fans will not go home happy. Taker and Michaels each have their supporters. If Taker is to lose the streak, except a shit storm to happen. A lot of the older fans are going to be pissed and screaming at their television or if they are in the arena, expect the ring to be filled with trash. No one wants to see the Taker streak die, much less see Michaels be the one to end it.

On the flip side, Michaels has a huge following. He's been there forever. He is Mister WWE. For him to go out, a lot of people are going to be sad. Everyone knew he was going to retire soon, but many were expecting Taker, not Michaels, to be the one hanging it up at this time. People do not want to see Shawn Michaels hang it up.

Either way you put it, if this is to close the match, fans aren't going to go home happy. They are going to be in the arena after the show, still in their seats (or standing) not knowing how to feel. Either the streak or the career of Shawn Michaels will come to an end. The show cannot end like that.

Vince McMahon against Bret Hart will be a good feeling match, but to close the show on this match wouldn't be right. We all know Hart is going to walk out with the victory. In fact, another small rumor had him walking out of Mania as the champion to "erase" the history of not letting Hart leave the company as the champion. However, it seems like this plan isn't going to happen and a one on one match will happen.

Again, it's a feel good story that will make the fans happy, but it isn't the type of match you want to close the show with. We all know this match is going to be hard to watch as Hart isn't nor will he ever be 100%. We have to give it to him that he wants to get back in the ring one more time and more power to him for that. Give the fans one last memory. I just don't want to pay 55 bucks to see this be the last match of the show. I wouldn't want to drive or fly to Arizona and have to sit through this match and then go home. It just isn't right.

Next up we got Edge versus Jericho. Honestly, I see this being the match to close the show, especially since the guy that wins the Rumble is usually the one that gets to Main Event Mania. HOWEVER, if WWE wants to send the fans home happy, they should not let this match close the show. Though, Edge probably will walk away with the championship, this should NOT be the outcome.

Edge just came back from injury and Jericho JUST got the title. Jericho deserves a nice title run. After putting over DX, R-Truth, among a handful of other wrestlers and not to mention he carried the tag division on his back throughout the summer and fall of 2009, he should have a nice reign. Jericho is a star and he deserves to be treated like one.

And if you don't feel that way, I'm ok. Not everyone likes Jericho and they are entitled to that right. However, why give Jericho a one month reign only to lose at the next PPV against Edge? I add on to this that Edge has kicked Jericho's butt in every show for quite some time. What is the payoff of Edge winning the title from Jericho when Jericho has already been made to look weak? Nothing.

If you allow Jericho to retain (cheat), this can build a decent feud for the coming months. I'm sure not many people would argue against that. Edge versus Jericho might have a very strong draw and could headline the next few shows. Have Edge chase Jericho, allow the fans to continue to get behind Edge, and then come Extreme Rules or something, have Edge walk out as champion. But allow Jericho to build himself up and be a decent champion. Don't allow Jericho to drop the title and then chase Edge, only to come up short again and again and again. It does nothing for his character and we have already seen Jericho fail time and time again against DX. Let's allow Jericho to shine and be a star once again.

This brings us to John Cena versus Batista for the WWE Championship. No one is expecting a five star match or match of the year. However, ever since Cena stood up against Vince and backed Bret Hart, I haven't heard those boos he's used to getting and I find myself behind his character. True, I really don't want to see him as champion again (the reason why this shouldn't be a title match and the title should still be around Sheamus) but for his character, I'm ok with it. He's finally came into his own and became the new Stone Cold. He's standing up for the heroes and going against the boss. He's someone the fans can finally get behind.

Batista, on the other hand, has finally came into his own as a heel. His face character was boring and he wasn't really getting the fans support. This heel turn, though, has done wonders for his character. The fans hate him and he seems to be having fun. This was the perfect move for Batista to give his character some life before he hangs it up.

Will he hang it up? That's only for him to decide. He's gone on countless interviews saying he doesn't want to be in the business that long and doesn't want to wake up hurting. I don't know how he managed his money and it is no secret he likes expensive things. With that said, Vince can easily give him a huge contract that would probably make him stay around for another year or two. It's no secret that there are quite a bit of stars taking time off after Mania to rest up. I expect a lot of big moves at the Draft to even things up.

As for the match, to allow the fans to go home happy, have this match close the show with Cena winning. This isn't taking place out East where fans cannot stand Cena. The show is in Arizona. People out West are much more easier to guys like Cena and Batista as we don't have a lot of Indy wrestling out here that can change our tune.

Cena can regain the title and the fans will cheer and go home happy. It won't be the greatest wrestling match ever, but I highly doubt this will be the worst match ever or even the worst main event at Mania. The majority of fans love Cena and would give a nice pop to see him regain the strap. And that is what matters. Having the majority of fans go home happy and enjoy their experience at WM. For the fans watching at home, they get to watch a good show and feel like it was worth their money to order the show.