Why Chris Jericho Needs to Win at Wrestlemania XXVI

Jersey Strong JayCorrespondent IIMarch 3, 2010

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 5: (L-R) WWE Superstar Chris Jericho taunts actor Mickey Rourke as they prepare to duel during WrestleMania 25 at Reliant Stadium on April 5, 2009 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bill Olive/Getty Images)
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If you take a good look at the main events for Wrestlemania, there seems to be question marks around two big matches.  The rest, at this point, seem pretty predictable.

Everyone and their mother is trying to figure out just what will happen at the conclusion of the big Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels match.  Will it be the end of Shawn's career or will The Undertaker's streak be put to sleep with Sweet Chin Music?

Either conclusion will make some fans happy and some fans sad.  It is obvious that there is a huge emotional investment in that encounter.

The other match that seems to be a big question mark at this point is the Chris Jericho vs. Edge World Heavyweight Championship match.

The storyline is well done and has been naturally developed by Chris Jericho while Edge was recovering from yet another surgery.

I am here to tell you that Chris Jericho NEEDS to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania main events have been pretty formulaic throughout the years for good reason.  WWE wants the majority of their fans to be happy at the end of the show.  That is why you will get to see John Cena defeat Batista to close Wrestlemania this year.

Chris Jericho's Wrestlemania History will give you plenty of reason to agree with me on Jericho defeating Edge at Wrestlemania.

Since Chris Jericho arrived in the WWE in 1999, he has been one of those superstars that seems to get mixed in the fold somewhere around Wrestlemania time.  The Wrestlemania 2000 match with Kurt Angle and He Who We Do Not Speak Of (check out The Wrestling Roundtable at www.wrestlingroundtable.com for explanation) was a cute little bout that could've been better if given the time.

At Wrestlemania 17, Jericho defeated then Commissioner William Regal in the show-opener for the Intercontinental Championship in a feud that saw Jericho piss in Regal's tea on RAW.

I will never discredit his performance at Wrestlemania 18 with an obviously 'roided out Triple H.  But the build-up was based on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's dog for crying out loud!

At Wrestlemania 19, he had the best match of his Wrestlemania career in a losing effort to Shawn Michaels.  This match finalized the return to prominence for HBK after a four Wrestlemania absence. 

Wrestlemania 20 gave Jericho the biggest stage in wrestling at Madison Square Garden to culminate his feud with Christian.  Trish Stratus turned heel on Jericho and joined Christian in a lustful lip lock to further drive Chris Jericho down the Wrestlemania ladder.

At Wrestlemania 21, Chris Jericho took part in the first, and possibly the best, Money in the Bank Ladder Match that was coincidentally won by his Wrestlemania opponent this year, Edge. 

Jericho's big Wrestlemania return came in Florida at Wrestlemania 24 in another Money in the Bank Ladder Match that is pretty forgettable to say the least.

And who doesn't remember last year?  Jericho did all he could to make Piper, Snuka, and Steamboat look good.  For the record, Steamboat looked really good in action, but Jericho still had to do triple duty at the biggest show of the year only to be embarrassed by washed up actor Mickey Rourke at the end. (I did love The Wrestler, but he is washed up.)

Jericho not only deserves to win, but if WWE wants some real emotional investment in Edge as a babyface, they will allow him to chase the title!

Wrestlemania needs a little bit of substance this year.  Chris Jericho is arguably the best heel in the business over the past two years and he deserves a big Wrestlemania win as much as anyone in the company does.

Assuming Edge doesn't hurt himself again, and that is a BIG assumption, these two should put on one of the better matches of the night.  Jericho should prevail and keep this story going for the sake of Edge's run as a babyface.

What do YOU think about my views on the Edge vs. Chris Jericho World Heavyweight Title Match at Wrestlemania?  Feel free to discuss!

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