Washington Redskins: My 4 Round Draft

C.J. JohnsonContributor IMarch 2, 2010

Round 1 Pick 4

Top Priority at this pick - Left Tackle

My Choice - Russel Okung 


Round 2 Pick 5

Top Priority at this pick - Any other lineman that would fit Shanahan's Zone Blocking

My Pick - Offensive Lineman


Round 3 Pick i-don't-know

Trade up to round 3! we don't have enough draft picks so any possible way to trade up would be a smart move

My Pick - Montario Hardesty (this guy is perfect for the Skins and can help out Portis in the backfield)


Round 4

Mike Johnson, OG

"Mike Johnson is my No. 1 guard for zone-blocking teams." (from walterfootball.com)

Do you think the Skins should draft like this?