chuck dunningtonCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2008

 Once again, the so called "All-Stars" are actually no stars at all. The vote getters should be the best players, not the Yankees and Red Sox entire roster! I'm so sick and tired of the Red Sox and Yankees getting all the starters. First of all, Derek Jeter is batting .281, he's had 327 AB's and only 92 hits, he only has 4 home runs, 5 stolen bases, and only 37 RBI's. If that is an all-star, this world is in trouble.

 Secondly, Jason Varitek. He only has 53 hits out of 243. He is horrible! He only has 27 RBI's this year, 13 2B, 7 home runs, and more strikeouts than hits with 70 k's on the year. Is this what we American's call an All-Star? Not me, but obviously to everyone else he is.

 Lastly, only one Oriole made it to the All-Star game. George Sherrill, or "Flat Top" as he is known, is a good closer and should be there, but there is more than just a pitcher that deserves to go. Brian Roberts leads the A.L. in doubles with 34, triples with 7, and he is batting .295. He also has 24 stolen bases. He is the best, most efficient, 2nd baseman the league has!

 Nick Markakis. The greatest outfielder in the league, has the most outfield assists with 8 but yet Manny Ramirez makes the all star team?  Markakis is batting .297 with 13 Home runs and 47 RBI's. I believeit's an oriole's conspiracy, but you be the judge.

 So to all you voters, be prepared for a horrible All-Star game once again!