Why I Think Divas Wrestling Is a Joke

Brian WoodsContributor IIMarch 2, 2010

last night on Raw there was a "pajama pillow fight" match, which had them dressed up in skimpy outfits, and hitting eachother with pillows.

Sounds harmless enough right. Well I guess not, because one of the participants, Gail Kim was injured. Seriously

Has women wrestling fallen so far to have something so pethetic like getting hurt during a pillow fight?

If you think I'm wrong that womens wrestling is pathetic, listen to this storyline, which you most likely, already know.

Michelle McCool and Layla, make fun of Mickie James because of her weight calling her piggie james and what not.(which is a great lesson to be teaching our youth, that it's not okay to be heavy set. Not that Mickie James is even that big.)

Anyway, they spend weeks making fun of Mickie James, calling her names, and when the "big match'' comes up it takes about three seconds. A huge waste of time when might of been something actually worth watching.

Or how about this example, last years Wrestlemania they have the Diva Battle Royal to determine Mrs. Wrestlemania.

Which consisted of them walking and basically giving Kid Rock a lap dance.

I'm thinking I'm going to see some all time greats like Lita or Trish Stratus, nope neither. But who do we get a man, Santino Marella.

Not only did he participate in the battle royal, he won.

Right now divas wrestling is a joke and the only thing to hope for is a waredrobe malfunction of some sort, because the days of Trish Stratus and Lita seem to be over.

Now's the time of Piggy James and Santina Marella.

The time of divas that could actualy wrestle are  over, when someone gets injured during a pillow fight, you know it is.

One more thing that's a little off topic, Michelle McCool has stole A.J. Style's Finisher and dosen't give him credit for it. Which I think is extremely disrespectful.

When asked about it she said "Yeah I know some guy from TNA does it right?'', that guy from TNA might be one of the best in ring performers today and you're not going to give him credit, that's pathetic.

Anyway I hope you're not taking this the wrong way, because I think women can wrestle just the way they're being used right now, they're channel changers.

Unless you count women like Gail Kim, who get injured during PILLOW FIGHTS.

What do you think I would love to hear it, good or bad leave your comments.