What Gabe Morency Brings To The Table On SportsRage!

Andrew GaleaContributor IMarch 2, 2010

A week to week talk show radio host coming straight from Toronto, Ontario steps up to the plate with a in your face show on a daily basis.  A type of personality which considers to bring controversial opinions about society, and sports has Gabe Morency on top.  The show welcomes class act athletes to be interviewed along with phone calls on the show.  From seriousness to comedy the Hardcore Sports Rage radio show is always well thought out to voice the night of all sport games.  Gabe is not an average host but the caliber is extraordinary great.

Never expect the unexpected from Gabe Morency.  After listening to the show you might want to take some anger management classes.  He is a very open person, he specifically tells it like it is, whether the listeners like it or not.  He expands the truth, and the listeners are a community of its self. When that Heavy metal music hits from the beginning of the show to the end of the show you know we have had a good 3 hours.  The show drives you with laughter to actually thinking wow the statements over the show are actually true.  Gabe cares about what has to be said on the show.

The athletes who appear on the show actually go really deep into their personal lives.  Class act interviews every night from sport to sport.  The interviews are not always about sports to but reality. Nothing can ever drift the attention away from the show, its no snooze of a time. The athletes open up to the listeners and relating to what they have to say lets us know who they really are.

I have been a listener for the past 2 years since the reign on the score television network as well. You can listen to Sports Rage on http://www.morencysports.com/live/ at 11pm as well as Hard-drive at 4:30pm Monday-Friday. The show brings intriguing stories and great interviews. As an overall insight, its all in opinion for all to love or hate Gabe Morency.