Breaking News: Boston Bruins Acquire Steve Kampfer From Anaheim Ducks

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMarch 2, 2010

Breaking News regarding the Boston Bruins has been confirmed. Boston Bruins acquired prospect Steve Kampfer from the Anaheim Ducks for a conditional 4th round pick in the 2010 or 2011 NHL draft.

The Boston Bruins seemed to have the future in mind with this deal when they acquired a young defenseman prospect from the Anaheim Ducks. Steven Kampfer was originally drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in the 4th round of the 2007 NHL Draft. He was taken 93rd overall. Steve was born September 24th, 1988. He stands at 5″ 11 and weighs in at 204 lbs. Steve is a right-handed shooter and has great perseverance.  

Steve has gone through some injury problems in the past. He battled through two injuries in his rookie year for the University of Michigan. His minor league stats can be found at

Kampfer is a sturdy, mobile defenseman who can also play at the forward position. An amazing quality about Kampfer is that despite his small size it doesn’t hinder his effectiveness to play his position. Kampfer has been documented to be a great skater. Kampfer has good speed, fluidness in his stride and can skate with many collegiate forwards. Steve Kampfer brings great intensity to his game and is never afraid to really get those big hits out. He possesses great poise with the puck and has a strong shot and can use that great quick release of his when needed. As Kampfer continues to mature and elevate his game, he has the potential to turn into a rock-solid two-way player.

Michigan head coach Red Berenson’s had this to say on Steve Kampfer: “We were happy with Steven’s progress because I see him as a player that will continue to improve each year. I think he has a lot of the intangibles that make a hockey player a lot more than what you see. Steven’s determination, grit and his overall attitude are terrific and I think those are things that you don’t always see on the ice. I can guarantee that Steven will just continue to get better.”

The coach’s words make it sound like Boston Bruins fans really have something to look forward to in this great defensive prospect. Was it worth the 4th round draft pick? Absolutely.

I think he will be a great addition on the back-end for the Boston Bruins and can not wait to see his game evolve in Boston.

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