Legacy's Evolution Doesn't Warrant A Wrestlemania Match With Randy Orton

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 2, 2010

Better late than never I suppose.

But then again as they say, if you're not going to do it right, might as well not do it at all.

Legacy and the curious case of Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

If you're reading this, chances are that you've caught the last two episodes on Raw and assuming such, you've seen the abolition of Legacy as we know it.

If one were to propose the current scenario to me months ago, I might have been a little disappointed.

After all, why bring an end to something that could be so great?

Could and should aside, destiny was perhaps a bit premature.

When Legacy was formed, I saw the commencement of great potential.

Blue-chip talent, significant promise, and massive potential.

All of the potential to be "Evolution, part II" with a dose or originality that could have led to the bright future of Raw .

But, it never managed to materialize.

What the WWE and fans dreamt of was the next coming of the modern-day super-stable.

What was delivered to us deviated vastly from the blueprint.

Call it bad script-writing, poor in-ring execution, failure to connect with the fans, or whatever the case may be, Legacy failed to even scrape the surface of their potential.

Instead, the WWE opted for the safer road; the road of the glorified henchmen.

They opted for natural annoyance in favor of legitimate heat.

Allow me to clarify.

Instead of Cody and Ted using their talents to accomplish, let’s say, anything, they became disliked by the masses mostly for their persistence to annoy and disappoint.

They didn't take out the fans’ heroes or develop loathsome personas. They cheated to help the Viper retain championships and piss off many of the Super-Cena faithful along the way.

Fans went home annoyed by Legacy's continual interventions; they didn't go home disgusted, possessing a thirst to see the world's next great beating delivered to the WWE's next generation of prototypical heels.

Nobody wanted to pay to see them lose. Often times, few cared as they simply couldn't wait for the next match, let alone Legacy's next angle.

Their current adversary possessed then and possesses now, something they don't beyond greatness.

Keep in mind for a moment that Randy Orton himself is not the heel to draw the legitimate heat I speak of on a regular basis either.

If they want that to happen, change his entrance music, shave him bald again, replace his "punt" with Sheamus' "kick or irrelevance" and eliminate the RKO all together.

Suddenly, Randy Orton won't be so easy to cheer for.

But cheering for the bad guy isn't always a bad thing; which brings me to my last point.

When Randy Orton isn't drawing legitimate heat from the crowd, he's stimulating natural enthusiasm.

Look no further than last night's Raw

Despite the fact that Orton failed to draw heat, he still managed to make the audience care about his performance.

Cody and Ted either get booed for the wrong reasons (more often than not) or they are simply performing their way out of the audiences' stimulated conscious.

And now, all signs point to a matchup at Wrestlemania XXVI.

It could be Cody and Ted against Randy Orton, or it might be Ted DiBiase alone going one-on-one with Orton (yes, I'm assuming it would be Ted and not Cody if it came down to a singles confrontation). 

But is that really warranted?

Think beyond what looks good on paper for a moment.

Yes, the match has been long overdue and yes, it would be a PPV match that I would like to see but we're not talking about the typical cheap themed-PPV event of the month, we're talking about Wrestlemania.

We're talking about the conclusion to another year of sports entertainment.

We're talking about the culmination of the past twelve months.

Now more than ever, is NOT the time to mess around.

This isn't a joke and this shouldn't be a matter of filling the card; it should be a matter of each Wrestlemania matchup being so good that the WWE Universe simply can't contain their anticipation.

I've gone on record many times and will continue to do so when I say that I feel that Randy Orton is not only the number one guy in the industry today, but a performer with the potential to become the greatest heel of all time.

WWE is and has always been a face-driven corporation and to have a heel with the true star-power equal to that of his adversaries is something truly unique.

Ted DiBiase specifically deserves to be credited for his passionate acting performances as of late; but even with as good as they have been, they simply don't hold a candle to the evolution of Randy Orton's psychosis.

The guy never ceases to amaze me and appears to be getting better and better from week to week.

But the simple fact of the matter is that Cody and Ted are not on Orton's playing field.

They're not in his league, plain and simple; nor are they a step below in need of elevation.

I'd like for you to seriously consider the proposed scenario for a moment.

Let's say for instance that back in 2000, Vince McMahon were to tell Triple H that instead of him facing The Rock at Wrestlemania, he's going to line him up for a sho-down with X-Pac and Road Dogg instead.

Foolish (to put it mildly), right?

Why would you take the top heel in the business and force him to compete on the grandest stage with his underlings; both of which whom have failed to accomplish even a slight fraction of what he has?

Only, Triple H wasn't a six-time heavyweight champion back in 2000 and his underlings actually managed to accomplish far more (in terms of championships) at that point than Cody and Ted have as of today.

Granted, both Cody and Ted individually have more potential than the aforementioned combined, but that doesn't change the reality that their characters have failed to accomplish much of anything during the entirety of their formation as Legacy.

A potential Wrestlemania matchup between them and their mentor would be just as warranted as it would have been to remove Triple H from Wrestlemania 16's main-event in favor of pairing him up with the likes of X-Pac and Road Dogg.

Why would the WWE take their top heel out of the spotlight and thrust him amidst the clouds of obscurity?

Especially when you inject him into a winless situation.

If Cody and Ted beat him, they prove that their efforts combined might be just enough to conquer one Superstar and if they lose, Orton looks no stronger than he has when beating the likes of Cena and Batista; while Rhodes and DiBiase look weaker than they did before they instigated this mess to begin with.

I do believe that Cody and Ted will evolve over time and begin to reach their potential; at least Ted will due to his size where Cody might struggle due to his lack thereof.

I also know that Randy Orton can and will recover from these cheapened March blues.

But that doesn't mean that the decision to move in this direction is what's best for Wrestlemania.

It's not that the WWE doesn’t care; it's that for some reason, it seems like so many along the way fail to recognize exactly what they’ve created and the ramifications of putting their current creative direction into motion.


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