Look for Breakout Tight Ends

chuck mitchellContributor IMarch 2, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - DECEMBER 20: Joselio Hanson #21 of the Philadelphia Eagles tackles Vernon Davis #85 of the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field on December 20, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

One tight end that has received the tag as a breakout tight end for 2010 is Jermichael Finley. He is surrounded by talent on the packer’s team. He has a good quarterback, running game and good receivers. This could be the year that the third year pro from Texas really shows fantasy football owners what he has. He finished the year with 55 receptions for 676 yards and scored five touchdowns. He’s also developed a tremendous rapport with Rodgers. That rapport was on full display during the playoffs, where Finley recorded an amazing six receptions for 159 yards in a 51-45 overtime loss to the Cardinals. He is not a guy who will break into the top 5 of tight ends, but will be a good value pick in the draft. Many people seem to overlook the fact that the top 5 tight ends for this year are basically the same top 5 as last year. This guys are getting older and at some point. You have got to look to young unproven talent, just as you do with running backs.

Another young tight end to watch this season will be Vernon Davis. I know that he is not an unknown proven tight end, after the monster season that he had last year. If this guy is not the top tight end taken or at least a top 3, I would be shocked. He had 78 catches for 965 yards with league high 13 touchdowns for tight ends. He was tied in touchdowns with Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald. He has flourished in the new offensive system they are running. Coach Mike Singeltary will be the best out of his players.

Another tight end to keep your eyes on is Brent Celek, the tight end of the Philadelphia eagles. He very quietly put up an impressive year. With the departure of Brian Westbrook, the game in Philadelphia will change some. McNabb will throw the ball more often. He is a target in the offensive scheme they like to run. The absence of Westbrook only helps his production.

Owen Daniels is another tight end that could put up a solid season considering he stays healthy. He will not benefit from Andre Johnson receiving most or the double teams. If the Texans are able to get a solid running game through Steve Slaton, it will benefit the passing game. Daniels would be a valuable addition to any fantasy football team

The bottom line is easy to read. Don’t get too caught up in what a player did last year. I know that the big name tight ends who recorded over 1,000 yards & 7+ touchdowns. The tight end position is very difficult to predict. Your best bet is to draft a veteran tight end and probably a third year unproven one. They can be as unpredictable as kickers or team defenses.

When it comes to drafting a tight end you must be selective. Don’t be fooled by the yardage or the touchdowns. You should pay more attention to the number of catches he had or the number of times he was targeted especially in the red zone. Don’t get caught up in moment in the draft thinking that you must draft a top 5 tight end for productiveness. Last season I won my fantasy league and my tight ends were Kellen Winslow and John Carlson. I drafted Winslow in the 9th round and Carlson in the 11th round. My tight end position was productive and I did not give up a high draft pick on a tight end. You must think “value” when drafting. Don’t overpay for any position or player. A cool website that I check daily during the fantasy season is www.fantasysharks.com