Michigan Football Mailbag Question: Regarding the Offense

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Michigan Football Mailbag Question: Regarding the Offense
Hey Guys,

Nobody knows anything; everybody recognizes this as the reality of a coaching change.

My questions is; with what we currently have on the roster, the way our personnel breaks down, what do you truly expect from our offense as far as bread n' butter? Will be running more empty sets? What can we see in the backfield; split backs, ace?

Will we be successful with whatever we run?

I know that there is no way anybody can accurately predict this, but I am looking for a best guess on how tough will this offense be to stop? I know how hard it was at WV and I know Coach Rod has used a scat QB in the past, but I am curious to see what he does with what he has. In your opinion, what will he do?

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Thanks for the question. From watching practices and scrimmages, this spring it was clear Michigan would be using Quarterback read option as the base play for the offense.

A large part of the practice session was geared to running and perfecting this scheme. During the scrimmage, it was also the base package used. At least 3/4 of what we saw this spring is dependent on running Quarterback read option successfully.

The option, the reverse and even passing game will not be as successful, or difficult to defend if Michigan cannot run the base package with success. I would guess that Minor, Grady, or one of the other Running Backs in the inside zone and trap series will be the go to, or bread and butter play. In addition, that the rest of the offense will be dependent on how well Michigan runs that package.

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