Is The PG Era The Calm Before The Storm?

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Is The PG Era The Calm Before The  Storm?

This is my first wrestling article ever. Most of my work is either on the NFL or commenting.

But I have been reading many wrestling articles and am well aware of the TNA monday night wars coming up. While I was sitting on my couch to think about this, rumors of this 'mania possibly competing with X7 and remembering much of the era known only as the "additude era." I began to ponder.

WWE has been giving the fans their B game as of late. While TNA has been doing everything and anything to get any credibility. Now TNA has a TV station, The Hulk and a good lineup of talent.

Already many will say that TNA has no chance. That isn't true if the WWE is putting on that boring crap they have been producing the last few years. But maybe MR. moneybags McMahan saw the promis in TNA and has been playing possem.

Lets face it, VKM is a mastermind and knows when something is good or bad for business. So He just might think one night, lets play our B game and let TNA get some fans, then once they get big enough, we unleash ALL OUT HELL on them by blasting back our top tear show.

The first couple of weeks, WWE lets TNA compete. Even the Austin night is highlighted with only Stone Cold Stunnering a bunch of people(which still sounds better then Flair vs. Hogan). WWE keeps acting intimidated(Every time TNA has a "Huge" night planned, e.x. hogans opening night vs. brett harts return. Hogan vs flair vs. Austins return) and afew more B rated shows. Then...

Wrestlmania blows the roof off the place. Even the Cena vs. Batista match leaves our jawls on the floor in amazment. The next night on Raw, the building is electric as WWE pulls all the stops and has another huge showing. WWE doesnt stop there, even smackdown is going nuts with just crazy Additude style action going on. WWE starts pushing 5 star Shows again while TNA can't even manage the 1.5 they usually get because WWE is just letting everything out on TNA. 

TNA would be done within a year, if not afew months. VKM is obviously smart enough to think of this and have a plan years in the making if he sees a potential threat or a way to make even more money. The money would be after TNA folds and WWE has another invasion style of showing. If VKM was truly smart, he would bring back the 6 sided ring and have the cruiserweight matchs in this ring, with some Ultimate X matches happening. I mean who wouldn't want to see Rey Mysterio in one of those matches. It could be huge.

Feedback is always welcome.

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