Struggles For Illinios Football and Basketball

Jonah PulsCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2010

Illinois fans have been completely stressed out this year. The combination of a disappointing basketball and football season has contributed to all of this. I think the disappointment is due to lack of coaching and discipline. Whatever it is, it needs to be taken care of, and soon.

In football, Ron Zook has continually showed that he cannot coach, even if his life depended on it. On plays where they need to go deep, he does bubble screens. Then, on plays where they need to do bubble screens, he goes deep. Only one can wonder what exactly is going through his mind. I do not know why the University of Illinois continues to have him as their coach. It is not for money, because they threw plenty of money at new offensive and defensive coordinators this off-season.

The rumor around is that Zook begged Ron Gunther, the Illinois AD, to keep him. If this is true, it puts a horrible shadow over Illinois athletics.

In basketball, Bruce Weber is starting to bring in some serious talent. Yet, they are struggling to show improvement. I blame it on lack of determination, especially in their so-called “leader” Demetri McCamey. He has said to the public that he is in fact lazy. I don't think you can continue to have this type of player as your leader.

The sad thing is, the team does as McCamey does. So, if he’s having a poor game, ironically, so does Illinois. This inconsistency with Illinois has brought their super talented team to the reality that their chances of making the NCAA Tournament are slim. And they can only blame this on themselves for not being prepared for a battle every single game.

The main point I am trying to get through here is the Illinois football and basketball programs need to change their coaching schemes, or things will continually fall apart.