Jose Comes Out With a Bang On First Day On Field!

Keith BennettCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2010

 Jose Reyes hit the first pitch he saw today for a two-run triple in his first game back. Since he was sidelined much of last season by a injured right leg. Reyes said it felt a little weird when he stepped into the batter's box, but his leg felt good and don't worry about a thing. I like the idea of Reyes batting three in the batting order. Show his power at the three. Then Angel Pagan Bat leadoff with great speed. Switch back and forth until Beltan come back from injury. Reyes became ensnared in the FBI's net because of treatment he received from Galea last September. Reyes had traveled to Toronto for three sessions of platelet-rich plasma therapy, hoping to avoid surgery. Reyes said they ask him if he injected me HGH and I said no. An report suggested that athletes might be subpoenaed for the case against Galea, who is being accused by a former medical assisistant. Reyes said "They asked me questions?He was honest with the FBI and told the truth. Jose Reyes don't need enhancement drugs. He has superman body and he knows it. Just have a great year Jose, Jose, Jose.