Open Mic: See Ya, C.C. Sabathia

Josh PropeCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2008

The headache is finally over for Cleveland Indians fans. C.C. Sabathia has been traded to the Milwaukee Brew Crew for minor league prospects.

This trade will obviously help out the Brewers in their quest to regain the lead in the NL Central Division.

When trade talks first started to escalate about Sabathia, the Brewers were only hoping that they could get in on this big deal.

With teams like the Cubs and Phillies looking to trade for Sabathia, the Brewers had to step up and give the Indians something that other teams could not provide, and that was impressive minor league talent.

With the trade to be officially announced Monday morning, Indians fans will wake up knowing that their star ace pitcher will be pitching in the NL.

Pitchers that have gone from the AL to the NL typically have a little easier time pitching there, but it will be very exciting to see how C.C. fares.