What The Seattle Seahawks WON'T Do In The 2010 NFL Draft

kyven11Contributor IMarch 1, 2010

Draft a QB/RB Combo with Picks 6 and 14

I can’t tell you how many countless mock drafts I’ve seen that have either Clausen or Bradford at 6th overall only to scroll down and find C.J. Spiller mocking me at 14. Every time I see this scenario my soul shrinks, I taste my own stomach acid, and a single tear blurs the vision of my right eye. However, a smile soon returns to my face when I remember the internet is accessed by any and everyone, and the expert whose mock draft I’m reading is probably a 12 year old Packer fan from Alberta, Canada or Tim Ruskell. This will not happen. I don’t mean to offend giants that have nearly 12 inches on me and 150 pounds, but no one could excel behind this particular group of guys. I want all you Seattle fans to close your eyes and find your inner peace by thinking back to the good old days when Walter Jones was healthy and Hutch wasn’t wearing purple. Remember? Joe Swanson could run behind those guys. Drafting a QB RB combo in the first would be a disaster.  I wouldn’t mind as much drafting a QB/RB in later rounds, but the first has too much value especially at OL and DL. It takes a couple years to get a good OT dominating in the NFL. If we wait to draft one until next year with the life expectancy of a RB in the NFL, Spiller (or any elite college RB) would only have three to five years of prime running behind a good line vs. seven years if we build the line first. A rookie QB behind this line would be even worse...especially fragile Bradford.


Draft USC Players Exclusively

My favorite mock drafts I’ve seen remind me of a child’s finger painting that you want to take and hang on your refrigerator because they’re so cute and innocent yet the ugliest messes you’ve ever seen. One mock I saw had Eric Berry still on the board when it came time for the Seahawks to pick at 6 but the Seahawks choosing Taylor Mays. With Bulaga still on the board at 14 he had Seattle picking Charlie Brown. To be perfectly honest I would love to have Mays a little more than Berry but for selfish reasons. I love watching hits that make your spine hurt just from watching at home, but as  a GM Berry is one of if not THE top prospect in the draft. I also think Brown could be a good fit in Seattle’s ZBS but Bulaga would be better. My point is that even though Pete coached USC he’s not stupid. He’ll get the best player at the position he needs most or he’ll be gone. The track records for coaches that have drafted like that are ugly and hopefully he’ll learn from their mistakes. Now, if the best available player at a position needed is a Trojan and we draft him… good, but would you draft Byers before Iupati? Then don’t be stupid. The 12th man bleeds blue and lime green… the masculine colors of oceans and…limes. Carroll will leave the red and gold in the veins and arteries of the Southern Californians (sometimes I get the idea that I’m an incredibly deep writer).


Draft Sexy

I hesitate to put this point in just because of Carroll’s personality. He may want to make a big splash in his first draft with Seattle by getting the big name QB and the RB but hopefully he’ll be smart enough to build both sides of the line before the primetime positions. This needs to be a smart draft not a sexy draft for us. If fans weren’t showing up to the games and the front office needed a way to get us to come then you draft sexy, but I think due to the loyal fan base in Seattle the decision makers have time to rebuild this time right. Don’t be sexy Pete.


Draft Dwyer with Number 14 Overall

First thing is first: Dwyer is a beast. For the Seahawks I would pick Dwyer over Spiller any day. Not because he’s all around better but because we already have a speed back in Forsett and need the power that Dwyer would bring to the table. I know Forsett is no Spiller but if we build that line up a little bit I think you’ll be really surprised at how much a weapon Forsett can be. I’m getting off track. I love Dwyer but we have bigger needs to address with the two first round picks we have (OL, DL, S). If he’s still on the board in the 2nd for us that’s when we take him and even then it’d still be a hard decision based on need and what we do to address that need in free agency. If we address either DL or S in FA then I think Seattle grabs him in the 2nd, but definitely not with #14 overall.


Trade into the Top 5

I’ve seen a few Seattle fans online wondering if Seattle for any reason would trade into the top 5 to grab someone. At the very least this is a rebuilding year for Seattle.  With SO many positions to address Seattle can’t afford to trade into the top 5. If anything they’ll make trades for more picks instead of finding that one guy they really really want because to be honest in this draft that guy does not exist.