EPL DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chelsea makes huge offer for Kaka

Aaron DunnCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2008

It is a repugnant offer.

6.5m pounds for Frank Lampard. That is insulting. To Big Phil, to Frank and to Roman. Inter Milan may want to repent for that offer.

Lampard is worth at least 20m.

Chelsea offered a very large transfer fee for Kaka of AC Milan and are also interested in Andrea Pirlo. Joe Cole and Lampard could find themselves on their way out or even asking to leave since the addition of Deco and if Chelsea do land Kaka and Pirlo that will add to an already cluttered central midfield situation.

Cole doesn't play in a central role however with all these stars potentially in the lineup it would likely push him to the bench.

If AC Milan do in fact sell these two, it would signal the beginning of a rebuilding phase, as they did not qualify for the Champions League this year.

As many have seen in the news, Manchester United and Real Madrid officials are meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation with Cristiano Ronaldo. Madrid bosses have said, however, that a transfer is highly unlikely to happen this year.