Mercedes To Use 'Super Diffuser' in 2010?

Rhys WilliamsContributor IMarch 1, 2010




The rules of Formula One look to once again be stretched to breaking point as rumours circulate that Mercedes will introduce a “super diffuser” at the season opening Bahrain GP.

Mercedes GP, formerly Brawn GP are no strangers to controversy when it comes to diffusers, being one of the three teams last season to bring a “double-decker” diffuser to the first race.

However, despite protests from several teams, the FIA deemed the devices legal and the rest of the pack spent most of the season playing catch up.

If rumours of the new Mercedes diffuser are true then we could see a similar story to last season.

However, many believe that these reports are just part of the usual pre season rumour mill. Fernando Alonso told El Pais on Sunday:

"I do not know what Brawn will have in Bahrain, but we'll see if it is really something new. For me, it is just a rumour, like many others,"

BMW Sauber’s Pedro de la Rosa also expressed his doubts about whether a new diffuser saga is in the making.

"Now all the cars have a super diffuser and there will be no surprises because the rules have been stretched thin by the engineers," said the veteran.

One thing that is almost certain is that if Mercedes GP do introduce a new diffuser, it will almost certainly be deemed legal, as team principal Brawn is one of Formula One’s greatest thinkers.

He is famed for pushing the rules as far as they will go without ever breaking them, as last season’s diffuser row showed.